What is Earthlings.nl?
Earthlings.nl is a DIY (Do It Yourself) grassroots action group dedicated to promote veganism and show footage of what happends to animals in the animal agriculture, vivisection, fur, and hunting industry. These so called industries are not open for the public eye and happens behind close doors. We show a lot of undercover footage of the organisation Animal Rights NL & BE, and Hunt Saboteurs.
We stand on the streets with neutral masks, laptops and tablets with the footage and signs. Other people will engage conversations about veganism and how we treat animals. For more information about veganism we hand out Plant Power brochures and our cards. The use of the masks is to get noticed and that it is not about us, but the footage we are showing. We are here for the animals.
Earthlings.nl find the use, and abuse of animals these days unnecessary and we can live a healthy an cruelty free lifestyle.