Why veganism?

Vegans don't want to contribute to explotation and killing of animals. Vegans are convinced that veganism is better for animals, environment, health.

We do not need to kill animals for food, experiments, pleasure, to wear et cetera.


A lot of people are going vegan, because they do not want to contribute to the exploitation of animals. One vegan can make a lot of difference! In The Netherlands alone it is estimated that 1200 animals are slaughtered: EVERY MINUTE.

We feel that animals are not here for us, but with us. There is no need to kill animals for food, clothing, cosmetics, or "fun".

       Nature & Environment.

The intensive animal agriculture is responsible for the largest amount of CO2 emission. This causes the temperature rising of the earth in a fast way.

Meat eating, according to the United Nations is the second cause of environment and nature pollution.

With a vegan lifestyle you choose for a cleaner, more sustainable planet.


A varied vegan eating pattern gives you all the nutrients you need. By eating (more) vegan you lower your risk for high cholestrol, heart and artery diseases, cancer, and a lot more diseases.

A varied vegan eating pattern consists of beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, and more.

Vegan food is even getting more and more populair with top athletes!

       Ethical or religion.

A lot of people are choosing because their beliefs, or because they strongly believe in compassion for all life. These ethical reasons inspire a lot of vegans worldwide.

They are not only vegan for the animals, but also for environmental and ethical reasons.