Team. began after Pascal Thomasse and David Harley met each other at an Earthlings action in Amsterdam. Inspired by the two sisters Phoebe and Jane Frampton, who started The Earthlings Experience in London, they decided they want to have their own action group that goes all around The Netherlands.

We have been in large cities in The Netherlands, but we also go to small place and or villages to spread our message: the future is vegan!

We collaborated with a lot of organisations and other action groups: Animal Rights NL, Bite Back, 269Life NL, Warriors of Compassion, The Fab, Plant Power, and more.

Nowadays we have four local chapters and one that travels through The Netherlands. Our local chapters: Rotterdam; Eindhoven; The Hague; Amsterdam.

Our team now exists with David Harley &  Jeffrey running with a lot of dedicated activists!

And our local chapters are runned by: Jeffrey (Rotterdam), Tjing (Eindhoven), Daniel & Janneke (The Hague), David Harley (Amsterdam and national). We also have two wonderful people that help us with social media: Sil (Instagram) and Mars (Facebook messages).

Hanneke helped us a lot with the research for the correct information for the flyers.